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Frequently Asked


How long does shipping take?

Shipping orders are "Standard Shipping" which means it will take 5 to 7 business days. It is also important to note that JRO does not place orders after 4:59 PM PST. All orders  take time to be filled as the products are freshly crafted to your specific skin type. It will take at most 4 days to complete.

What shipping carrier do we use?

PDM entrusts USPS shipping to complete orders.

How to ensure the security of your package?

The security of your order is a top priority of ours. To preserve the security of your order, we require that a signature is taken from the recipient before completing the delivery. This will require that the recipient be home at the time of delivery and that a proper Photo ID be shown.

How will you ship?

*Express *Fragile 

Priority Shipping

Priority Shipping will have your order delivered to you within 1 to 2 days. It is still important to note that due to the nature of our products, it will take 2 to 3 days to craft your specialized order.

If you qualify for priority shipping, you will be notified of qualification through your skin card.

What's Our Return Policy?

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! PDM does not allow any returns, exchanges, or trades. All sales are final.

When will you debit my account/card? And do we take Credit Cards?

Immediately. Your transaction should show the same day. Yes, we take credit cards of all types.

When do I know to change my remedy/luxury?

By purchasing a package, you are notified through your skin card as we include a three month skin monitor. You may also call our friendly Patty Del Mar team if you feel your skin has changed and we have not recently called. If you purchase a remedy or luxury 3 months ago or longer, you must be re-analyzed.

Where does PDM Ship to?

Patty Del Mar ships to anywhere in the continental United States.